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2-pilarinostin Rotary SPO65E-LWB 6500kg

Pyydä tarjous

Extremely robust electro-hydraulic 2-pillar hoist with electronic locks and double steering. The lifting columns of the symmetrical SPO65E lift use Rotary Lift's patented double-S profile, which makes the lift extremely stable and takes up very little space. The patented double-S profile also allows for larger-than-normal sliding surfaces on the lift carriage, which reduces wear and significantly extends the life of the lift.

The SPO65E's sturdy lifting arms are ideal for lifting heavier vehicles. The hoisting leveling cables always keep the lifting level and are not subjected to a load, which makes the cables very long-lasting. Maintenance-free hydraulic cylinders, a mechanical locking system and an efficient hydraulic unit with thermal protection ensure low maintenance and safe operation.

Rotary Lift 2-pillar lifts are available in several different versions and with accessories they can be tailored to suit all applications.

  • The compensating cables guarantee an even lift and are not subjected to a load
  • All functions (lifting, lowering and lowering) are easily accessible from a single operating unit.
  • Rotary Lift's patented double-S profile on the lifting column makes the lift extremely stable and requires very little space. In addition, the profile allows for a larger-than-normal sliding contact surface, which significantly reduces wear.
  • The lift is equipped with a double control (on both pillars) and a 230V plug for better working ergonomics
  • The electronically controlled locks on the E-model ensure safe operation and are automatically released during the calculation function
  • The floor-free design makes the lift very easy to drive and reduces the risk of tripping
  • Automatic lift cutout at upper limit protects taller vehicles from damage caused by lifting too high
  • The energy-efficient hydraulic unit is securely located at the top of the column, where it is less exposed to external risks

Technical information:

-Lifting capacity6500kg
A.Lifting height2005mm
B.Overall height, adjustable every4570-5028mm
-Required ceiling height4700-5150mm
C.Overall width3937mm
D.Throughput width2687mm
E.Upper cut-off / maximum lift height (highest point of the vehicle)4546-5004mm
F.Length of lifting arm at the front min935mm
G.Lift arm length at the front max1901mm
H.Length of lifting arm at the rear min935mm
I.Length of the lifting arm at the rear max1901mm
J.Lifting height min115mm
K.Lifting platform height max175mm
M.Free spacing of columns3058mm
-Engine power3kW
-Electrical connection, drive unit3/400/50Ph/V/Hz
-Electrical connection, socket1/230/50Ph/V/Hz
-Interlock operationElectronic
-Lifting time60s


  • Lifting adapter set for MB G-Class, order no. 120608
  • Adjustable lifting platform 4 pcs., Order no. FJ6217MB
  • Lift adapter set Sprinter / Crafter (2 pcs.) Rear, FJ6215MB + 2x115684 (VAS version: VAS 6605/1)
  • Non-slip for adjustable 120 mm lifting base (2 pcs.), Order no. FS6353-1
  • Lifting adapter set Sprinter / Crafter (2 pcs.) Front, order no. FJ6216MB (VAS Version: VAS 6605/2)
Kapasiteetti6 500,00 kg
Nostokorkeus2 005,00 mm
NostotapaHelmasta nostava
Nostettava kalustoKevyt, < 7000 kg
Kirjoita tuotearvostelu
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